Music ERUPTS from my soul!

I’ve always had a little voice inside; whispering that music was integral to The Chemical Marriage. For years I’ve timidly approached it, but could not conquer my fear; unable to ignore my own doubt. I know why.

I was trying.

No longer will I try. I will simply be, and do, and have. 

Hear a taste of things to come…
Thanks to Apotheos for aid in creating this lil improv.

Flesh Sculpture at Trust Lounge

Riding high off a great weekend of shows in Lexington Kentucky for the UGLex Experience. Got full video coming in a few weeks. For now, wet your appetite with these still shots. 

(The next flesh sculpture ritual will be October 9th, 2015. Location TBD) 

Help an Artist get to Joshua Tree

I’ve been selected to be a live-painter at this years Joshua Tree Music Festival. The event is in California, I am in Kentucky. To help with my travel expenses I’m offering this monumental work for a very approachable price.

The work is five panels; charcoal and chalk on paper; 5 ft tall by 12.5 ft long.

Asking $500. This money will go directly towards getting out to California for the festival in May. Additionally I will owe you a huge debt of gratitude. If I cannot secure my passage soon I will have to back out of the festival. 

So right here is a chance to own an impressive artwork AND provide an artist the means to further the creative process.

If interested, email at, call at 504-296-6080, or leave your contact info in the comments. 

Thank you. 

Love, light, and life

Aaron Stewart Lewis Knapp


Help me choose.

  I’m considering releasing another Sacred Geometry Tutorial. What would you like to know? What would be most useful? Comment below…

ZOSIMOS, 5-10-15




Bursting with new Art

After a healthy winter hibernation, I’ve been very engaged in many new works the past 10 days. Here’s some pictures of recent visions… 


What is “ISness”?

ISness is an intuitive snapshot of all the forces that converge at any given slice of space-time to make you, “you” at a particular moment. It is not destiny or speak to the past; Not the future you or any sense of psychical leaning. It’s a surrealist approach to portraiture; often done as quickly as possible, usually in a matter of minutes. The ego takes a backseat and the intuition takes charge.

I offer ISness portraits at coffeeshops, bars, and parties; sometimes as a busking routine as well. Next offering will be in Lexington Kentucky, time and location TBA. In the meantime here are a few Examples…












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