The Daily #68

A small drawing with much weight. Romance under the emergence of the great mystery. Look to the skies…


The Daily. Day 67

Along came a spider 

And died beside her

Day 67 of 365

The Dailys: Day 65

A self-portrait drawn from a premonition.

Day 65 of 365

The Daily: day 66 (nsfw)

Budding Erotica: Things to Come.

This is the first of what I hope to be a series of photographs. As a visual artist I have primarily used paint, pastels, charcoals, etc. Photography will be new…well mostly new.

Im excited, and a little nervous, but an exploration of sexuality via my own experience will perhaps bring some revision, or rather insight, into functional male sexuality. The concept of the sacred feminine is strong and growing.Good work! As a man, what I wonder “is holy masculinity the counterpart?” Are there better words? Im sure there are…but right now all I know is an urge to explore, and through that hopefully learn.

The Daily. Day 64

A dance in the desert.

The Dailys: 63 of 365

(Heavy photo editing of the original picture, but i figure 2017 right? )

All you see here love of Arizona.  Excited to spend time there soon.I worked in a copper mine there for 4 years, northwestern Yavapai County. It was another life ago…

Now radical visions steer my mind to a reunion with earth and stone. The smell of juniper, the sound of a rattle. I have missed her, Arizona, and years apart only embolden me to run…RUN back to her. Give it to me…

The thorns and sharp places, sacred winds and magic spaces. Give me the beaming face of Sun, durable as friend and foe.

I want the smell of after-rain creosote.

Let me blow into her like the dust i am blown in birth. 

Arizona…baby Im coming for you.


The Dailys: Day 62

Recent scribblings of discussions entirely in my mind with all the various parts.