War Machine~ LIVE in Bisbee


Buckmaster Sexton (the gypsy tour)


Buckmaster Sexton’s is rock’n’roll, dirty gypsy blues, and dark country-punk. A southern bred travelling man, the music is inspired by the what he calls “ghost music from the haunted backwaters of Americana.” Known for his two-string guitar, Stella, Buckmaster also plays the six-string electric, pianos, shofars, and pretty much anything else he can get to make sound. His lyrics are philosophy in disguise with major influences from Lou Reed, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dillon.

Buckmaster Sexton is bringing his talents to the American West in April. It is an inspired adventure recollecting the poetic fervor of Ken Kinsley, Neal Casssady, and Hunter S. Thompson. Buckmaster believes his art to be inpired by direct contact with spirits and an uncanny ability to ‘feel’ time. The tour kicks off April 7th.

He is currently looking for friends to join the story in or near the following places:

NEW MEXICO: Roswell, Cloudcroft, Truth or Consequences, Dolce, Silver City, Alamangordo, Taos

ARIZONA: Portal, Bisbee, Tuscon, Miami/Globe, Cornville, Jerome, Cottonwood, Sedona, Prescott, Bagdad, Wikiup, Wickenberg, Kingman, Oatman,

Nevada: Las Vegas, Parhump, Carson City, Reno

California: Los Angeles, Topanga, Hollywood, San Francisco, Big Sur, Malibu, Palo Alto

*More locations TBA

This is a genuinely magical adventure that’s happening. True art and music at every stop. Want to be part of the story? Contact him the old fashioned way, a simple phone call.

772-341-3942. Ask for Buckmaster Sexton.

(and for those who prefer email, here ya go: thechemicalmarriage@gmail.com )

Music. Inspiration. Bliss.

Last year I sat down at a piano and just started playing. These songs come from the soul; i have no training, no sheet music,….I just play. Every song comes to me as it is played. I hope you find beauty and inspiration in these small songs.

My approach is that of a child playing with toys. I;ve no bearing of the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to play. I just play. However, i am always seeking to improve myself, and gather new knowledge. As such I welcome and encourage any comment, critique, or other information from you that will help me on my way. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing! So if you feel compelled to reach out to me, for ideas, insight, help, or just to say hello, please don’t hesitate to do so. An artist is nothing in isolation. Be great, live well, and enjoy.

~Aaron Stewart Lewis Knapp