Occult Music: R.E.B.I.S.

R.E.B.I.S. is a recording documenting my life-long experience of gender. A magical sound that will get you high.

Available on Bandcamp for free or purchase.



The Daily #70

A trippy collage made from Rifle Magazine, spring edition, 2017…put out by 88.1 WRFL Radio Lexington. Far out dudes….

Who (new version)

Dr. Isbell and he Daytriper will be performing an intimate show for a small audience this March in Berea, Kentucky. Join Us.

For this version of ‘Who’ we dropped the second round of lyrics and just drive it into a steasdy jam. Enjoy, and Share!

WAR MACHINE (things are darker now)

New variant on the Dr. Isbell anf the Daytripper song “War Machine”

Dr. Isbell and the Daytripper will be playing soon in Berea, Ky. Come check it out.

Walking through the Fires (new music)

Listen on YouTube

I play songs for an empty room after work. These songs well up as mystery. There is no sheet music, and I possess no training. This just plays through me. It is pure bliss to be a conduit for such sound. Thanks for listening, and please share this with all beings.

Daily 44 of 365

A fiddle player let’s loose the harmony of the spheres in the Kentucky woods. 

#44 of 365

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Scenes from Americana Erotica: Swamp Ass





Chris Christy, Salvatore, and Jim Dandy at the most recent American Erotica show we put on in New Orleans. Kajuns Pub.