Bio and Vita

Aaron Stewart Lewis Knapp

Born 1982, in Vero Beach, Florida

Love for creativity flourished early in life for Aaron. He has created art since he could hold things. Earliest memories as an artist consist of drawing elaborate cross-sections of ant-hills at his grandmothers kitchen table. Reflecting back he realizes, Its always been about connectivity, just look at the ant hills!The talent grew from there.

Knapps art is created from a feeling that the purpose of art is to save the soul of humanity; and believes the roles of artist, doctor, and priest to have a common origin and destiny; the shaman. He believes experience to be the engine of reality, with imagination as the fuel. His body of work is inspired by quantum physics, mysticism, anthropology, semiotics, mythology, ethnobotany, ecology, geometry and faith.

In 2011, The Chemical Marriagewas created to house his many pursuits under one title. The name, chemical marriage, is inspired by a study of esoteric alchemy; part of a larger life-long pursuit in mystical experience. When asked to describe the nature of his work, one word sums it up, Psychoactive.

Major Inspirations Include: Pythagoras, Nikola Tesla, Terrence McKenna, Jack Parsons, Salvador Dali, H.R. Giger, Bosch, Joseph Campbell, Alex Gray, MJ Keenan, Kris Kuksi, Olivier Sagazan, Joseph Bueys, Trent Reznor, Bill Hicks, Steve True, and John Lennon (to name a few in a very long list)




Cirque De Virgo 2017, on-site artist


Playthink Festival, on-site art

Rites Of Conversion, multimedia collab with Joss Ross and Chuck Daniels

Cirque De Virgo, on-site art

Secret Spot Show, host and creator, multiple shows in Berea, Ky


RITUAL II~Trust Lounge, Lexington, KY (on-going)

Zosimos~Natashas Bistro and Bar, Lexington, KY

Live-action Artist~Trust Lounge, Lexington KY


Banishment Ritual feat. Amzie Adams~New Orleans, LA

Live action Painter~Berea Freak Fest, Berea, KY

Not for Everyonefeat. Bathed in Young Blood~Redmons, Lexington KY

Kundalini Painting~Playthink Festival 2014, Berea, KY

aPOPalypse~Bar F Nola~New Orleans LA

First Friday Festlive-art collab with band Driftwood Gypsy~Berea, KY

Untitled Flesh-sculpture, feat. Dick Deluxe~Bar F, New Orleans LA

Americana Erotica (4 shows)~Kajuns Pub, New Orleans, LA

First Friday Festlive-art collab with the band HuDost~Berea, KY

Pressure Cooker for the Soul(4 shows)~Cafe Istanbol, New Orleans LA

7 Steps to Knowherefeat. Everyone Lives, Everyone Wins~Berea, KY

Purityfeat. Jim Dandy~Red Haus, New Orleans, LA

Live-Painter with Dick Deluxe~Mudlark Theater, New Orleans, LA


Invocation of the Androgynous Muse~Fringe Fest Nola, New Orleans, LA

Hypnogogiafeat. Leah Reese~ Berea Center for the Arts, Berea, KY

Invocation of the AndrogynousMuse~Playthink Fest 2013, Berea, KY

Creation of Manperformance at the Black Feather, Berea, KY


RITUAL (art performance inspired by the artist Sagazan)~Berea, Ky (on-going)

Untitledlive art performance feat. Rebel Riot Review~the Vue, Lexington KY

12 Months & 40 Pacesfeat. Cj Bloomer~Year long collaboration

Money Where Your Mouth Isfeat. LongJumper~the Black Feather, Berea, KY


09.10.11~the Black Feather, Berea, KY

Creation of The Chemical Marriage~Bagdad, AZ


The Daily Project~World-wide art project based in Bagdad, AZ


Everyone Lives Everyone Wins


Bloodroots Barter

Scott Huckabay

Driftwood Gypsy

Long Jumper

Morning without You

Last of the Dodo

The Gentle Revolution

Dick Deluxe and Jimmy Sweetwater

Rod Hodges

Cris Cristy

Salvator Geleso



MerkaBallisticsongoing street art project, 2014 (on-going)

Dreaming Awake at the End of Time~charcoal and pastel, 2012

Invocation 13 panel work created at Playthink 2013

Invocation 212×7 foot, 3 panels, created at Fringe Fest Nola, 2013

Transit of Venus7×3 ft charcoal work created during the transit of Venus, 2012

Ode to Metatron12.5 x 5 foot charcoal drawing. 2015

Trustcreated live, 2015

Love Kills the Demon24×48 inch charcoal work, 2014

Telestai3×6 foot, pastel and charcoal, 2015

Hypnogogiacollab with Leah Reese, created live 2013

Sacrificefor 12 Months & 40 Paces collab with Cj Bloomer, 2012

*These years are marked with notable commissions. These include illustration, design, consultation, and education. Private and public collaborations including: UGLex, Madison James, Pit Bull Vape Juice, Mark Beeching, Public Schools, Fringe Festival, Berea Arts Council, PlayThink Festival, Best of Street, as well as many direct commissions from private patronage. These years are also mark an immense body of smaller works, in many media.

*For booking, references, or questions please use:


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