the Dailys Project: Day 41

My friend Brian was visiting tonight and challenged me to draw a picture in 5 minutes. This is the result.

Day 41 of 365. 

Music. Inspiration. Bliss.

Last year I sat down at a piano and just started playing. These songs come from the soul; i have no training, no sheet music,….I just play. Every song comes to me as it is played. I hope you find beauty and inspiration in these small songs.

My approach is that of a child playing with toys. I;ve no bearing of the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to play. I just play. However, i am always seeking to improve myself, and gather new knowledge. As such I welcome and encourage any comment, critique, or other information from you that will help me on my way. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing! So if you feel compelled to reach out to me, for ideas, insight, help, or just to say hello, please don’t hesitate to do so. An artist is nothing in isolation. Be great, live well, and enjoy.

~Aaron Stewart Lewis Knapp




the Dailys Project: Day 40

 40 of 365

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Can’t say much about this one other than I did not succeed in wha I set about to do initially. Regardless, it is always a rewarding use of tone.

the Dailys Project: day 39

The daily #39 of 365

A simple sketch for a new idea I’m working with to generate form.

The Dailys Project: Day 38

Today, I let my …..fuck it. Here’s a picture. (The sun can’t shine everyday)

Daily #38 of 365

Daily 37 of 365

An exploration of color and techniques. Most my work lately has been on the smaller side, and I’m excited to take these new tricks to a larger scale.

Daily 36 of 365

Cleaned off my palate and used the scraped paint to make this collage. As is usual there is much more definition to this work than the photograph relates.

Daily #36 of 365

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