Experiments is temporal magic

Continuing the exploration of merkaballistics. I’m becoming more thoroughly convinced there is an ancient confluence of energy in this little mountain town.

Sacred Geometry (How to draw it yourself)


The most popular pages on this site are the lessons on the Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube. I can see there is a lot of people interested in the subject. Navigating the web can be tricky, and if you just want to know how to draw sacred geometry yourself, you often must wade through all sorts of philosophical packaging. Like the child in the picture above, its fun, but bewildering.

I wanted to make things simple.

Both these lessons are taken from the book ‘Constructions’…a sacred geometry how-to book. Get your copy using this link…



Solo show to debut in June


Excited to announce a solo show hanging in June, in Berea Kentucky! Selecting works now. More details soon.

Watch “Inspirations” on YouTube

Get inspired. Share the view. Victory over apathy.

Inspirations: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaquEtgQ6Li7CA0x2pI5c0u_T78tsDJTA


Watch the creation of this artwork in the playlist linked to this page.

Photo Update

Been a wild ride of ontology and practical living…but we made it through the funk and are re-energized. So much to catch up on. So quickly, here’s a quick photo drop of some recent goings-on…

Love and thanks, More to come soon!

Playthink 2016


Happy to say I’ll be seeing you once again at Playthink. This festival, is small, secluded, and special. Nestled in a Kentucky hideaway, its yet to be discovered by the throbbing masses. This will be the 5th Playthink, and its getting better every year.

For Playthink 2016, Chemical Marriage will be offering an ongoing, collaborative painting, Surreal IS-ness portraits, Body painting of the forms energy systems, and finishing it off with a healing sound ritual Saturday night.

I’d love to see you there.

Get your ticket here…http://www.playthinkfest.com/




Music ERUPTS from my soul!

I’ve always had a little voice inside; whispering that music was integral to The Chemical Marriage. For years I’ve timidly approached it, but could not conquer my fear; unable to ignore my own doubt. I know why.

I was trying.

No longer will I try. I will simply be, and do, and have. 

Hear a taste of things to come…

Thanks to Apotheos for aid in creating this lil improv.


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