One thought on “Watch “Luciferian Philosophy and its Discontents — Ep.4 (w/@ChrismaMysterion)” on YouTube”

  1. Aaron hey just wanted to say God Bless, I had a radical conversion to Christianity in 1990, I was just a hedonist frat boy with no spiritual or church background and a coworker wanted to go out and trip on lsd so I said great, he was a Christian with a background similar to yours, he did some telepathy and some other things that are impossible to explain but I gave my life to Christ joined an Reformed Evangelical Church got married to a strong Christian lady became a Worship Leader in several churches and now do Financial Planning in Arlington TX we just celebrated 26 years of marriage and have 3 daughters so just wanted to encourage you and I find it fascinating to hear of ppl with a similar experience to me, I quit using the lsd part of my testimony because it was so shocking to people, if ur ever in this area our want to connect just let me know, I’m crazy busy so don’t feel obligated I just wanted to encourage u! God Bless Davis Dawkins brother in the faith

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